HIDDEN PALMS – Final Thoughts

It’s really over. HIDDEN PALMS has aired its last episode. Well at least it was good while it lasted. If there is one thing I am grateful for with the series finale is that we at least find out what really happened to Eddie.

Here are some last thoughts on the season finale:

  • I am glad that Cliff and Nikki finally got back together. They both were my favorites in the show. They had more chemistry than Johnny and Greta had.
  • Although not a total shocker, Greta’s father being the “killer” (well, really it was an accident) could have been an interesting lead into season two. Maybe it would have been another “Joey hates Dawson because he told her that her dad was still dealing” plot.
  • I never got into the Greta character. I don’t know what it was, she just didn’t do anything for me. I don’t think I even needed her in the show to be honest.
  • Every time I watched Johnny I thought: This is the psycho Oliver from The O.C. Could there be a hidden side to Johnny? I guess we’ll never know.
  • All and all it was a pretty entertaining show, with unexpected twists. I think it ended while it was still good and didn’t end up on the path of shows that stay on the air for too long (a.k.a. Dawson’s Creek, although I loved it, the last two or three seasons never got back to the glory days of the first seasons).
  • Finally, just as I was crying at the thought of not getting my weekly dose of Cliff Wiatt, there goes Michael Cassidy getting a part on Smallville. This fall is looking really good so far…
  • I also wanted to mention that if there are any songs that you liked from Hidden Palms, head over to Heard on TV to find out the artist and title.

    I decided to post the opening credits of Hidden Palms, as a goodbye, plus I always thought they looked really cool. In addition, below the first video is another version of the opening credit that never aired. Up to you to decide if they made the right decision.

    Alternate Version: Written by Ron Wasserman of FisherTheBand.com and sung by Amy Fisher