SMALLVILLE – News for Season Seven


You might remember the shocker of last season’s finale of SMALLVILLE as we saw Lana’s car explode. My reaction after seeing this was, of course she’s not dead, I mean it’s Lana, you can’t have Smallville without Lana Lang. Turns out I might have been wrong. Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) is still in negotiations to return for the seventh season of Smallville.

Buddy TV also mentions that this seventh season will be the last one for Michael Rosebaum (Lex Luthor). And although I believe Smallville could continue without Lana Lang, I don’t think it has any future without Lex Luthor. This very well could be the last season of Smallville (or at least as we know it).
I personally first wanted to watch Smallville because of Michael Rosenbaum and then later on warmed up to the other characters. His departure would mean some loss of interest from my part.