Sam Huntington in CAVEMEN

Sam Huntington

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sam Huntington has been added to the cast of ABC’s new show CAVEMEN.

Sam Huntington will be playing a new caveman character named Andy:

“who is the younger brother of Joel (Bill English). Andy, who lives in their small hometown, comes to Atlanta to visit his brother after breaking up with his girlfriend.”

This new character will be replacing the Jamie character from the pilot played by Dash Mihok.

ABC has also announced that the first episode to air will not be the pilot but another episode which hasn’t been filmed yet. The actual pilot will air later on.

I think this is a great add, Sam Huntington is really funny and I have really liked what he has done so far. My thoughts about Cavemen however are mixed. I think it’s either going to be really good or really bad, only time will tell. I do hope that Sam Huntington’s presence will be helpful to the show.

If you wonder where you have seen Sam Huntington before, he played Jimmy Olsen in “Superman Returns.”