Don’t miss JERICHO tonight!


CBS is airing JERICHO from the beginning staring tonight at 9pm. So if you haven’t jumped on the Jericho-train, now is your chance. I mean, you have to ask yourself why so many people would put so much efforts into saving a show if it wasn’t any good?!
Give Jericho a chance if you haven’t already. The show needs as many viewers as possible.

Jericho is about a town trying to survive after terrorist attacks leave most of the US destroyed.

Another reason to watch Jericho is Skeet Ulrich. Come on, you know you love him! Not only is he adorable, he is an amazing actor.

Let’s not forget the wonderful cast that makes us believe every single moment is true. Not every show can make you care about what happens and feel like you are connected to the characters, but Jericho does just that. Every episode I feel like I am in Jericho with them trying to survive.

So set you DVRs and see it happen from the beginning (again)!