“Bad Boy” Cliff Wiatt on SMALLVILLE

Michael Cassidy

Seems like the Daily Planet has found its new Editor. TV Guide’s Ausiello Report just announced that SMALLVILLE has found its “extremely hot” thirtysomething actor to play the new editor of the “Daily Planet” in none other than twentysomething actor Michael Cassidy (Cliff Wiatt in Hidden Palms).

Michael Cassidy’s new character on Smallville will also be the new love interest of Lois Lane. Not sure how that’s going to work, I just don’t really see them together. Why not pair him up with Chloe? Plus, I still want Lois to get back together with Green Arrow.

Well, just when I was getting sad that I was not going to have my weekly dose of “Cliff Wiatt,” there he goes and shows up in one of my favorite shows, Smallville. Now I am really excited for this upcoming season.