Who remembers BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS?

Big Wolf On Campus

I don’t know why, but lately I have been thinking about the old shows I used to watch when I was younger. One that popped into my mind was BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS. It was a show about Tommy Dawkins (Brandon Quinn, whom you might have seen in Charmed, The O.C., and Entourage), a football player who gets bitten by a werewolf (and as you can guess transforms into one himself), and his friend Morton, a Gothic Fantasy Guild President. Rachelle Lefevre (whom we have seen quite a lot recently in shows such as Veronica Mars, The Class, What About Brian, and The Closer) also starred in the show as Tommy’s love interest, Stacey Hanson.

Anyway, I thought Big Wolf On Campus was really funny and since I found a video of a full episode of the show on youtube, I thought I would share it with you guys.

Check out this Big Wolf On Campus fan website for more info on the show.