A look back at HEARTBREAK HIGH and Lincoln Burrows

Since today is a Holiday, I thought I would take the time to take a look back at one of the shows that had one of the biggest impacts on me while I was growing up: HEARTBREAK HIGH.
Now, American readers might not know what Heartbreak High is, but let me tell you, you missed one awesome show. Heartbreak High is an Australian show that defined my generation. The show is about students who go to the same high school, Hartley High School in Sydney. Heartbreak High first aired in 1994 and ended in 1999 after six season. I don’t understand why it never made it to the US.

One of my biggest crush was in this show (and I think most of friend’s too): Callan Mulvey who played the “bad boy” Drazic!

Callan MulveyCallan MulveyCallan Mulvey

I posted below two videos of the Opening Titles from Heartbreak High in the later seasons (my favorites):

Quick Fun Fact: Dominic Purcell made an appearance in Heartbreak High before his Prison Break days as Lincoln Burrows.

Check him out in this video. Look at him all young and cute.

Since the DVD hasn’t been released for the show, so all I have left is YouTube Videos. Oh and if anyone out there who can do something about the DVD release is reading this, please release the DVDs so I can buy them and watch Heartbreak High over and over and over…….. again :d