UGLY BETTY – Season Two Scoops

Ugly Betty

Michael Ausiello has some more information about the new love interest of Betty in UGLY BETTY (that I mentioned previously). Apparently the new love interest will be named Gio, and as I mentioned previously, he will be a sandwich boy (sexy…or is it?). The producers are looking for a twentysomething actor to portray Gio. They describe him as “ambitious, aggressive and lovable.”

I am all for a new guy for Betty, although I do like Henry (how can you not like Henry?). Gio, you better be the greatest guy on earth if you are going to win me over, that’s all I’m saying.

More news: In the new season of Ugly Betty, “Mode” will be hiring new staff, a new female editor will be added to the team. She will be “stylish and pretty and very knowledgeable about fashion.” Pretty much whom you would expect to work at “Mode.”

I’m sure we will get more news on who will be portraying those two new parts on Ugly Betty. I for one just wish they would bring back Santos…