On Tonight, Wednesday 7/4: HIDDEN PALMS (that’s about it…)

Daemon's Choice

Hidden Palms

HIDDEN PALMS “Second Chances” – 8pm & 9pm CW
The Hidden Palms Chapter comes to an end tonight. We finally find out who Eddie’s killer is. I am for one betting on his mom, I know it’s awful, but if she didn’t do it, she certainly was involved. I am going to miss this show, it wasn’t perfect but it left me wanting for more each week. What can I say, I am a sucker for these types of shows… Goodbye Hidden Palms, it was nice to know you…

I can officially say there is nothing new to watch on TV tonight except Hidden Palms. What am I going to do? Oh wait, that’s why I have my stash of TV on DVD, next up SMALLVILLE season one, let’s watch the life of Superman again, wait, is that really his life? Who’s got some Superman comic books laying around, because I could’ve sworn Clark Kent and Lex Luthor never became friends… Who cares, just put Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum on and I can forgive anything.