On Tonight, Tuesday 7/3: COMA, MIAMI INK, and more…

Daemon's Choice

On The Lot

Another long night of filmmaking. I really am torn about how I feel about On The Lot. On the one hand I like it, but on the other hand, the format is just so long and boring… Maybe tonight will be better… who am I kidding?!


COMA – 9pm HBO
The new documentary from HBO that follows four coma survivors during a year. I haven’t really seen anything about it, but I don’t think I’m going to tune in to that one. Unfortunately, I think I am getting to my limit as to how many shows I watch.

Miami Ink

MIAMI INK “Facing Changes” – 10pm TLC
The new reality show I follow, Miami Ink, is back tonight. As we meet more clients and learn about their stories (I love this part), we’ll also see what new guest artist Miss D’Jo can do.