ON THE LOT – 6 Horror Films

Tonight the other six filmmakers screen their short horror films on ON THE LOT. I am always apprehensive when I watch this show, I had such high hopes for it but every time I watch it I am reminded that On The Lot is just not that good.

One director eliminated tonight:

David May

David May has been sent home (so I guess there is no more result shows during the show anymore, now they decided to film the elimination. This show is so confusing). His film wasn’t that great last week so I guess that’s fair. Not too involved with him, so I am not affected by this elimination.


Moving on to the filmmakers that showed their films tonight. I’d like to mention that I am not a horror fan at all, and actually have a hard time watching them. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on the films presented and who my favorite directors are:
Note: Videos are not up yet, but I’ll put the links as soon as they are.
Update: Links to the videos are up.

Kenny Luby

The Malibu Myth by Kenny LubyTwo friends trying to find the truth behind a myth.
Oh wait, is Kenny Luby still in the competition? Who votes for this guy? Oh, no wait, I take that back, he was actually good tonight. Didn’t like the ending of the film but overall it was pretty scary and I actually understood the story this time (yay). Is Kenny Luby moving up on my list?
Watch The Malibu Myth.


Sam Friedlander

Anklebiters by Sam FriedlanderA monster who bits ankle attacks a little boy.
Yeah, so I couldn’t watch part of it, too graphic for me…So I would say it was an effective film.
Watch Anklebiters.



Andrew Hunt

Midnight Snack by Andrew HuntA woman gets up to get a midnight snack.
So this one wasn’t really scary but I liked it. Didn’t see the twist coming at the end, pretty funny. He’s one of my favorites, plus I was able to watch the whole film, so that’s a winner for me.
Watch Midnight Snack.


Jason Epperson

Eternal Waters by Jason EppersonA mother mourns the loss of her son, when she realizes there is someone in the house.
Ok, so this is scary, oh wait no, I thought it was going towards the devil/possession type of film, but I guess not. I really like where Jason is taking his films and the stories he comes up with. Good work, I like this one.
Watch Eternal Waters.

Shira-Lee Shalit

Open House by Shira-Lee ShalitA couple looks at an open house when something happens.
Didn’t get it and wasn’t really scary, then again Shira-Lee Shalit did say that horror wasn’t her style.
Watch Open House.


Mateen Kemet

Profile by Mateen Kemet
How is that a horror film? I guess the scary part is for the character but not really for the audience. It is the film from Mateen Kemet that I like the best, but then again that’s not saying much. I get what he was trying to say but it wasn’t the time to say it.
Watch Profile.


My favorite contestants tonight were:

Jason Epperson
Andrew Hunt

The contestant I would send home tonight is:

Mateen Kemet