On Tonight, Monday 7/2: KYLE XY, THE CLOSER, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Kyle XY

KYLE XY “Balancing Act” – 8pm ABC Family
My new favorite show is on tonight and I finally finished season one (which I loved), and am ready to start catching up on season two.

Hell’s Kitchen

Another night of Gordon Ramsay being meaner than he really is in life… But you have to entertain people right?

The Closer

THE CLOSER “Saving Face” – 9pm TNT
I know I said I wasn’t a big fan of the show, but I’m always around when my friend watches it so I sort of got into it again. Kyra Sedgwick is such an amazing actress, I totally understand why The Closer is so popular.


HEARTLAND “Picking Up Little Things” – 10pm TNT
This show is definitely not my favorite, but it’s nice to watch when I’m doing other stuff… Plus Treat Williams is in the show, so BONUS.



  • BIG LOVE “Rock And A Hard Place” – 9pm HBO