Brothers & Sisters

Michael Ausiello has a scoop on what’s coming up story-wise on BROTHERS & SISTERS this fall. Stop here if you don’t want to find out.

There is a “huge story” planned for Rebecca and Justin (do I need to remind you they are half brother and sister?). Apparently:

“I hear producers are well aware that there is palpable chemistry between Emily VanCamp and David Annable. Them’s the dots. Get busy connecting ’em.”

I don’t know where to start… First of all, this is so wrong, but (and I know how wrong this sounds) I do see what the producers mean when they say chemistry. The whole time those two were together on screen I couldn’t help but thinking “I bet those two are going to get together” and then I remembered they were related. Very disturbing…

I am not sure what they are planning, but it can’t be good. On the one hand I know Rebecca and Justin would look cute together (obviously because they aren’t related in real life), but how can you justify this?

I guess we’ll have to see how they deal with the storyline this fall…