On Tonight, Tuesday 6/26:

Daemon's Choice

On The Lot

Finally we start a new round tonight with new films. Six contestant will show their comedy short films. Guest judge tonight is: Mark Waters (“Mean Girls”, “Just Like Heaven”).
This show is really getting boring to me. It feels like it started so long ago, but we still have 12 directors left as of tonight. WHAT? You mean we have another 12 weeks of this? I’m not sure I can last that long.

Criss Angel: Mindfreak

CRISS ANGEL: MINDFREAK “Animal 2” – 10pm A&E
More illusion by the master!!! I know there is a trick somewhere, but still, it’s very impressive.



Miami Ink

MIAMI INK “Old Friends” – 10pm TLC
I started watching this reality show this season and I really like it. Soon I’ll be an expert in tattoos…



AMERICA’S GOT TALENT “New York Audition” – 9pm NBC