ARMY WIVES – Worth watching

Army Wives

I have to admit that when I heard about the show ARMY WIVES on Lifetime, I wasn’t excited at all. In fact I didn’t even tune in.
Funny thing happened though, Army Wives got the highest rating Lifetime has ever gotten for one of its show’s premiere. That got me curious, but not enough to watch it. Then, I started reading in different blogs how good it was.
Ok fine, I’ll give it a shot… So I did, and it is so much better than I thought it would be. I watched three episodes one right after the other.

Even though Lifetime is not known to bring us the best TV shows, they brought it this time and made a quality show.

Army Wives is about army wives (duh!) and their friendship. It has funny moments, sad moments, and get up and cheer moments.

Plus, I have liked Kim Delany since the show Philly (wow that was a while ago, I feel old all of a sudden…), I am so glad she is back on a TV show I watch. I am still not over her leaving CSI: Miami (maybe that’s why I eventually stopped watching).

To end on an even nicer note, Drew Fuller is also part of the cast, remember him as Chris on Charmed? Honestly, I never really liked him on Charmed, but on Army Wives, well that’s a whole other story. He looks all grown up and, hello, I didn’t know he could be that deep…that’s hot, I am a new fan. You go Drew!!!!