HIDDEN PALMS – My guilty pleasure

Hidden Palms

What can I say, I enjoy HIDDEN PALMS! I know it’s not the best show out there, but it just grabs my attention (I don’t even know why…)
I have watched the two episodes shown back to back on Wednesday (“What Liza Beneath” & “Mulligan”) and I figured I should get a few of my thoughts out:

  • Is it wrong that my favorite character is Cliff? What can I say, the bad boy always gets me…
  • I still remember Gail O’Grady (Johnny’s mom in the show) from American Dreams (I miss this show so much). I hope she’s going to land another awesome show. Wouldn’t she be a cool add in Heroes? Or is it just me?
  • Does it seem like Greta and Johnny got together a little too fast? One minute they aren’t the next they are…
  • Who was cheering for Tess Wiatt (Cliff’s mom) when she kicked her loser boyfriend out?
  • Who is confused about what Johnny wants?
  • It seems that Tessa Thomson (Nikki Barnes) got another part as the “bad girl” (remember her as Jackie on Veronica Mars?). Why don’t they give her the lead for once?
  • The “Eddie killed himself because I cheated on him” bit was a big let down for me, but it seems like there is more to the story, so I’ll be patient on that one.
  • Shouldn’t Johnny be angrier at Liza for pretending to be Eddie?
  • Did I mention Cliff is my favorite character?!
  • There you have it, my “insightful” opinion about Hidden Palms