On Tonight, Friday 6/22: Stargate, Standoff, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice

Kyle XY

KYLE XY “The Homecoming” – 8pm ABC
If you have missed this episode on Monday, here is your chance to watch it. Another good news is that I finally started watching the first season of Kyle XY, I’m on episode five right now, and so far I really like it. It’s funny and smart, I even got one of my friends to start watching.


STANDOFF “Road Trip” – 9PM FOX
Another new episode tonight. A new crisis, will Matt and Emily be able to save the day again? My guess: Yes.

Stargate SG-1

STARGATE SG-1 “Unending” – 8pm Sci-Fi
Tune in for the series (yes series) finale tonight. I only remember Stargate SG-1 from the early Richard Dean Anderson days, it was pretty good then, but for some reason I never kept watching. From what I hear, the finale is decent and wraps up things (unlike some other shows, I won’t mention any names…Veronica Mars…).

Stargate Atlantis

STARGATE ATLANTIS “First Strike” – 9pm Sci-Fi
Season finale tonight. From what I have seen, this show is pretty good. I even decided to add season one to my netflix queue.


Painkiller Jane

PAINKILLER JANE “Portrait of Lauren Gray” – 10pm Sci-Fi
I have seen this show a few times, but it never kept me interested.