The Wrath of THE 4400

The 4400

THE 4400 hundreds is back with its fourth season premiere episode “The Wrath of Graham”. To be honest, during the year I tend to forget all those wonderful shows that air on cable during the summer, but when they come back I am reminded why I love them so much. The 4400 is one of those shows.
I didn’t remember all the details of last’s season’s finale, but this season premiere made all come back to me.

With the whole promicin story and the return of Jordan Collier (I have been a fan of Bill Campbell since Once and Again), this season is bound to be good. The first episode showed us what effects we can expect promicin to have that can be a danger to everyone. Graham takes promicin and develops the ability to control people. He decides that he wants everyone to worship him, interesting and pretty cool, I mean the guy can get everything he wants.

The best scene of the episode has to be the one where Jordan confronts Graham:

The 4400

JORDAN: I gave you promicin, and I can take it away.

The 4400

GRAHAM: “What did you do to me?”
JORDAN: I made you ordinary.

The 4400

JORDAN: The World doesn’t need you anymore, it has me.

Jordan Collier is the man! I wouldn’t mess with him.

I still can’t figure out if Jordan is a good guy or bad guy, all I know is that he thinks what he is doing is right, which creates the complex character Jordan Collier is.

It is interesting how Kyle and Shawn exchanged places (on season one Kyle was in the coma) this season, nice parallel. Kyle injecting promicin into Shawn is an interesting sort of twist, smart writing. I am glad they didn’t drag on the Shawn in the coma story, one episode and he’s out. That’s the way I like things to move along.

The 4400

It also looks like Kyle is getting a new love interest this season, the girl named Cassie. My guess is she is not who she says she is. One of the pro-promicin people probably. You can’t trust anyone can you.

Finally, my last comment will be about Alana (played by Karina Lombard). I cannot believe she is stuck in the 1800’s, she was one of my favorite characters on The 4400. Even worse, I remember reading (don’t remember where), that she will not be back this season, the discovery of the painting by Tom is supposed to put an end to that story. Noooooooo, say it ain’t so, Tom and Alana were such a great couple.

The 4400

If you missed the season premiere “The Wrath of Graham” of The 4400 or want to watch last season’s finale, you can watch them for free on USA’s Website.

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