ON THE LOT – 5 final films showed

The last 5 contestants finally showed their films tonight on ON THE LOT.

One director eliminated tonight:

Marty Martin

Marty Martin was eliminated tonight. He was one of my favorites and I really think that he was eliminated too soon.
I can’t believe he got eliminated before Kenny Luby. Who votes for this guy? Plus you know Producers will never let him win because he is definitely not mainstream, which means not good for business.
Coming back to Marty, I really liked his style of filmmaking and I think he could make some good films if given the chance.

Moving on to the filmmakers that showed their films tonight. Here are my thoughts on the films presented and who my favorite directors are:

Will Bigham

Glass Eye by Will BighamA man loses his glass eye and starts to see things in a different way.
I have liked Will Bigham from the beginning, and this film just reinforced that feeling. He has a soft filmmaking style that I really respond to. I enjoyed his film, not the most original but enjoyable. I think he’ll be back next week.
Watch Glass Eye.


Jason Epperson

Blood Born by Jason EppersonA patient’s blood has interesting effects on other people.
Jason’s last film “Getta Rhoom” was pretty funny and well done. This week, Jason brought us another good short. I thought the short showed what else Jason can do. I could hear some people laughing in the background at the end of the short. I didn’t get what they thought was funny. Are people dumb? I hope Jason has as much success this week as he had with his last film.
Watch Blood Born.


Zach Lipovsky

Sunshine Girl by Zach LipovskyA little girls steals the sun and hides it under her bed…
Zach my man! This guy can do no wrong in my eyes. Nice, original story, cool effect with the sun (I bet all the other filmmakers wish they knew how to do that!), and good look. Since Zach’s film was also the judges’ favorite, I am guessing he will be sticking around for a while.
Watch Sunshine Girl.


Mateen Kemet

Lost by Mateen KemetA couple who broke up meets again a few months later.
And it starts going down… That was pretty bad! Mateen Kemet’s last film was pretty bad, and this week didn’t get any better. It just feels like he’s an amateur and definitely not ready to carry a one million dollar deal with Dreamworks. How did he even get in?
Watch Lost.


Jessica Brillhart

The Orchard by Jessica BrillhartA man starts having troubling visions while cutting down a tree.
Didn’t get that at all. Her last film was ok, but this week didn’t work for me at all.
Watch The Orchard.


My favorite contestants tonight was:
Will Bigham
Jason Epperson
Zach Lipovsky

The contestant I would send home tonight is:
Mateen Kemet

This show is starting to lose my interest. It just drags on, I mean three weeks to eliminate only 3 contestants? That means we still have 12 contestants left. That’s way too much, even American Idol starts at the show with the top 12!!!
We’ll see what they come up with next week.