David Anders joins HEROES

David Anders

According to Watch With Kristin, David Anders (Sark from Alias) has joined the cast of HEROES as Kane:

a Sark-ish character who just so happens to be 1,000 years old, for the upcoming second season of Heroes. I’m told Anders starts work on the show on Monday.

If I am not mistaken, Kane is the new villain of the show, correct? So David Anders likes playing the bad guys,huh?! How about a nice guy for once?!… No, I take that back, he is just too good as a bad guy…

I think this is a great addition to the cast of Heroes, and for those who didn’t follow Alias, trust me, David Anders is awesome and so good at being a badass you can’t help but loving him.

Sylar should be careful, he just got new competition, or is Kane his new mentor?

No matter what, the new season of Heroes just seems to keep getting better and better. When is it coming back again?