BOSTON LEGAL – Old actors out, new actors in…

Big changes are coming on BOSTON LEGAL. Michael Ausiello reports that Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois and Constance Zimmer have all been let go from the show.

To replace them, Boston Legal will add John Larroquette to its cast. He will be playing an attorney from the New York offices of Crane Poole & Schmidt. In addition, Tara Summers will also join the cast as a young associate. Finally, Christian Clemenson (Jerry) is now a series regular.

I have watched the show occasionally and it has its moments. Not a big fan though. I am not sure if those changes will be for the better or the worse. All I can say is, the addition of James Spader to the cast was a great success, let’s hope the same thing happens this time.