SUPERNATURAL – Two ‘hot’ girls added to the cast


SUPERNATURAL will add two new regular female characters next season. One will be a hunter and the other one a mercenary.

Buddy TV has managed to get their hands on the casting sides (that they give to actors who come to audition), and here is what they found out:
Be careful, there might be some SPOILERS.

The Mercenary is named “Bela,” a hard drinking, crass, and focused tough girl with an admittedly soft interior. In the sides – which may or may not be part of an actual script – Bela is meeting Dean (Jensen Ackles) to discuss the crystal skull. When Dean refuses to sell the artifact, Bela replies with “Look, you think I’m some heartless mercenary? Hey, I cry every time I see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ I’m just playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. There’s no good or evil… there’s just different points of view. It’s just business.”

Bela clearly is not indoctrinated to the battle that is waging between the hunters and the forces of evil. As far as romantic sparks go, the three page scene is pretty devoid of anything remotely flirtatious.

The same can’t be said for the scene with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Ruby, the female hunter. She is more seasoned than Sam, who is grappling with the fact that he had to kill two demon possession victims. She has a tougher stance, actually using the words “war” and “collateral damage.” That scene closes with definite sexual overtures from Ruby “It’s kinda… well, romantic, don’t you think? Very ‘Casablanca.’ What do you think , Sam… we don’t know if we’ll be alive tomorrow… so what should we do tonight?”

To be honest, I watched a few episodes of Supernatural‘s first season (it was a great show to watch while I was sick…), but I never finished. As a neutral bystander, my thoughts on the adds is that most of the time it doesn’t help the show, and the addition of two girls might not be what Supernatural needs to get more people to watch, plus having pretty people is not always enough.
Only time will tell…