STANDOFF – “Backfire” Review


For those of you who have been following, I just started watching STANDOFF when it returned last week and quite liked it (see previous post). I tuned in again this week to watch another episode and I even liked it better than last week.

Here are some quick thoughts:

  • The hostage crisis on the train had an anti-climactic ending. It just seemed too easy to me how they just gave themselves up. I was hoping for a sort of “Inside Man” twist.
  • Matt’s schizophrenic patient crisis, was a lot more appealing. First off, the resolution was actually shocking to me. I did not see it coming and I haven’t seen this storyline done before.
  • The only negative point about Standoff that I could find is that I don’t like Rosemarie DeWitt (Emily) as much as Ron Livingston (Matt). I don’t know what it is but I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t in the show anymore, but I would care about Ron Livingston (Matt) leaving.
  • The cool thing about Standoff is that since every episode has a beginning and an end (CSI style) you can start watching the show in the middle of the season without being too confused. Which is what I did.
  • If you haven’t watched Standoff yet, I would suggest you tune in this Friday at 9pm on FOX and check it out for yourself. What else do you have to watch on Friday nights anyway?!