Stargate Atlantis

I just read in Sci-Fi Wire that a few changes will be happening on STARGATE ATLANTIS next season.

The season finale for Stargate Atlantis will air this Friday at 9pm on Sci-Fi, right after the series finale of Stargate SG-1, be careful of spoilers

Joe Flanigan (Lt. Col. John Sheppard) had this to say to Sci-Fi Wire:

“We lost Paul McGillion [Dr. Carson Beckett], who was a valued member of our team, personally and professionally,” Flanigan said in an interview on the show’s set in Vancouver, Canada. “We miss him. We have lost Torri Higginson [Dr. Elizabeth Weir]—my God, this sounds like a funeral—who was also a really valued member of our group.

With the departures, there’s also a significant addition, Flanigan added. “We’ve also gained a really valuable member of our group, Amanda [Tapping as Samantha Carter],” he said. “She’s a real veteran, a real professional; she knows the genre and can tackle the gobbledygook of science fiction dialogue perhaps even better than David [Hewlett, Dr. Rodney McKay], which is hard to do.”

Tapping joins the Atlantis team after 10 seasons on the sister series, Stargate SG-1. When she makes the transition, she gets a promotion to colonel. According to the producers, Carter’s status as Sheppard’s superior may lead to some conflict. Flanigan is all for it, though he admitted that playing out that friction has been harder than he expected.

Damn it, another show that intrigues me now, I can’t take it anymore, there is just too much…