Daemon’s Quick Reviews


John From Cincinnati
    Finally, I saw the first episode of John From Cincinnati after weeks of anticipation.
    The verdict: It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be (I guess my expectations were pretty high), but I am intrigued. I am not sure I get the story yet, but as I was watching it I got a Carnivale (HBO’s cancelled show) vibe from it. I’m going to keep watching John From Cincinnati hoping that it picks up. One thing I will say about it is that it has original characters. For once, the main characters are pretty messed up (instead of our usual perfect, happy family), and that’s something that makes me want to tune in.


On The Lot
    Five new contestants screened their films, Andrew Hunt (“Polished”), David May (“Love At First Shot”), Kenny Luby (“Edge On The End”), Marty Martin (“Dance With The Devil”), and Shira-Lee Shalit (“Beeline”).

    My favorites: Andrew Hunt and Marty Martin (even though I didn’t get the story at all, I just love his style).
    Who I would send home: Kenny Luby.

    Trever James was eliminated from last week. I would have eliminated Hilary Weisman Graham.


Hidden Palms
    I actually enjoy Hidden Palms even though it doesn’t have the best acting. I know the story is not the most original either, but I find myself curious to find out what the secret about Eddie’s death is. Plus now with the accelerated schedule of Hidden Palms, the finale is right around the corner (July 4th), so why not finish it? But I am not getting my hopes up to get any answers at the end. I also don’t think it will be renewed (I mean come on, if Veronica Mars wasn’t, Hidden Palms definitely doesn’t have a chance either).


One Tree Hill
    Why am I still watching this? I keep tuning in, but every time I watch One Tree Hill I cringe. I mean let’s be honest, the acting is pretty bad, and the storyline cannot get cheesier. I guess I tune in hoping it will get better, or maybe it’s just a great show to watch while I’m doing other things. Anyway, now that I have finished the season there will be no more One Tree Hill for me now that Veronica Mars got cancelled. A while ago I decided to stop watching One Tree Hill if Veronica Mars got cancelled (see previous post), so here we are.