JERICHO on Fridays…


Congratulations fans of JERICHO, not only did you succeed in bringing the show back from the dead, but now CBS will also be showing repeats of the whole first season of Jericho starting on Friday July 6th at 9pm.

So if you haven’t had the chance to jump on the Jericho train, now is your chance. Or if you are already a fan and just want to watch the wonderful first season of Jericho all over again, don’t miss it when it comes back in July!

In case anyone’s wondering, Jericho is about a town (Jericho) that has to deal with the aftermath of a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks which destroys most of America.

I obviously highly recommend Jericho, it is such an amazing show, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, while at the same time give you some tender moments.
Plus you gotta wonder why so many people would fight so hard to keep a show on the air if it wasn’t good?! So keep watching Jericho so that it may see many more seasons.