Supergirl comes to SMALLVILLE

Smallville announced that a new character would be added to the seventh season of SMALLVILLE. That character is none other than Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), Clark’s cousin. Not only will Kara possess all of Clark Kent’s powers, but she will also be able to fly (finally, maybe she can teach Clark because I am dying to see the boy fly!).

In the story, Kara’s ship landed on Earth around the same time as Clark’s, but “there was a problem and she’s been in suspended animation for the last 16 years.” A teenager when she escaped Krypton, she was initially meant to look after Clark. She awakes, still a teenager, for season seven because of one of the season-six finale’s explosive plot points–the big dam break.

The role of Kara Zor-El has not yet been cast. My guess is they are probably going to cast a newcomer so that we do not associate her with any other show (which would be smart). Who’s ready for another pretty blonde?! (I’m just guessing…)