On Tonight: KYLE XY, BIG LOVE and more…

Kyle XY

KYLE XY “The Prophet” – 8pm ABC Family
The Second Season starts tonight, but since I haven’t watched Season One yet, all I can do is just keep the episode on my DVR until I am done watching Season One. I am excited about seeing it though. I have heard really good things about it. Will keep you updated on the details.

Creature Comforts

CREATURE COMFORTS “Self Image; Winging it; Art” – 8pm CBS
Since last week’s episode was so funny I am definitely going to tune in again tonight. I would also recommend the show to people who want a good 30 minutes of laughter.


Big Love

BIG LOVE “Damage Control” – 9pm HBO
The Second Season starts tonight, but I don’t think I’m going to tune in to that one. To be honest, I stopped watching Big Love in the middle of the first season. I don’t know why, it just didn’t keep me interested.

Hell's Kitchen

Ramsey is back tonight. That guy is scary! But it’s so much fun to watch him!


Animal Precinct

ANIMAL PRECINCT “Thunder’s Second Chance” – 10pm Animal Planet
A new season starts tonight. Every time I watch this show, I just cannot believe how cruel people can be towards animals. It really breaks my heart.