Send Mars bars to save VERONICA MARS

Veronica Mars

Seat42F just reported that with the success of the nuts sent by JERICHO fans to CBS, now VERONICA MARS fans are trying the same thing but this time with Mars bars.

They want to send as many Mars bars as possible to the CW in order to get Veronica Mars back. They have joined forces with TheIndianFoodStore through which is now shipping all orders for free in order to support the “Bars for Mars” Campaign.

Order through

Send Mars Chocolate Bar England (6 Pack)

Send Mars Chocolate Bar England (12 Pack)

Enter the code VERONICA at checkout to get free shipping.

Here are some notes from the seller:

    “Orders will no longer be sent individually to reduce shipping costs. We will create one massive shipment for Ms Dawn Ostroff and everyone at CW!”
    “A letter will all of your names and a huge note that says “Veronica Mars: More Addictive Than Chocolate! Satisfy our craving for Season 4!” will be included. Next to each of your names will be the total number of Mars Bars purchased towards this cause! Because of the problems with the limited availability of Mars Chocolate (since it is only made in England/Ireland), we will soon be switching to Snickers Almond bars to keep this going since these bars are the U.S. Version of Mars bars and have a Mars Logo on them. After a number of fans have e-mailed us and commented on our blog, we will switch as soon as the Mars runs out!”

Order through The Indian Food Store directly.

Although I think this is a great initiative, I am wondering if it is not too late for Veronica Mars. But who knows, it worked for Jericho didn’t it? All we can do is cross our fingers and send some Mars bars!