Dr. Burke won’t be back on GREY’S ANATOMY but George O’Malley will

Isaiah Washington

Entertainment Weekly (EW.com) just announced that Isaiah Washington won’t be back next season as Dr. Preston Burke on GREY’S ANATOMY.

The source says ABC Studios declined to renew the actor’s option to play the character Preston Burke after the actor invited an ugly wave of press this season because of his behavior both on and off the set. The source adds that the studio?s decision was likely based on a pattern of suspicious behavior by Washington that, according to press reports, goes back as far as 1997 on the set of the TV show High Incident.

When Grey’s Anatomy started, I absolutely loved Isaiah Washington, but after his comment about T.R. Knight, I just couldn’t get passed it. Every time I watched Grey’s Anatomy I just didn’t like Dr. Burke anymore. I think he made a big mistake with his comment and he is paying for it.

T.R. Knight

As for T.R. Knight who plays George O’Malley, great news, he will be back next season. He is such an amazing actor. George is probably my favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy and I am SO happy that he will be back. He is one of the most lovable characters on TV.
Next step get him and Izzie together.