Tim Kring’s excuse for HEROES finale story holes and more…

If you remember my post about the HEROES finale, I talked about why Peter needed Nathan to fly away. After reading this week’s TV Guide, this is what Heroes‘ creator Tim Kring had to say about it:

“Well…you’re not supposed to be thinking about that,… Peter was incapacitated with this surge of power. But the real explanation is that we wanted Nathan to show up and do it.”

Am I the only one offended by this? “We are not supposed to be thinking about that?!” What are we stupid? Seriously, without its fans Heroes would be nothing, so at least have the decency to put more thought into the writing and give us more credit.
For crying out loud, even one line would have fixed this issue, Peter saying something to the effect that: “I can’t control it, it’s too strong, I can’t use my other powers”… how lazy do you have to be?

Plus, even if that was the explanation, my other question is: so it’s not too strong for Sylar (no, he can control it within an hour), but Peter can’t control it after a day or two? Come on.

I really hope the response to Heroes finale this season will force the writers and producers to give us something better next season.