PUSHING DAISIES – Extended Preview looks AWESOME

Below is an extended preview for ABC’s new show PUSHING DAISIES.


Pushing Daisies is the story of Ned, a man who can bring dead things back to life.
Not only was I already excited by Pushing Daisies‘ clip, but this promo looks absolutely fantastic. I call it today and now, Pushing Daisies is one of the new shows this fall that I am the most excited about. I have high hopes for it. Plus how original is it? It reminds me of “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain (“Amelie”)“.

Lee Pace, who plays main character Ned, looks really funny and has such great face expressions. Anna Friel (whom I have liked for a while) plays Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles, Ned’s love interest whom he can’t touch. Now that’s conflict and you know it will keep us wanting to tune in for more with “will they or won’t they?”.

Finally, last but not least, Pushing Daisies is brought to us by Brian Fuller, creator and executive producer of Dead Like Me, one of my favorite shows that was cancelled way too early in my opinion.

Check out Pushing Daisies promo and let me know if you are as excited as I am.