ON THE LOT – Thoughts on the 5 films showed…

Only 15 contestants are left on ON THE LOT.

Tonight only five contestants showed their films: Sam Friedlander, Trever James, Hilary Weisman Graham, Adam Stein, and Shalini Kantayya.
One of them will get eliminated.

Tonight’s guest judge was Michael Bay (whose film “The Transformers” comes out July 4th. Can I say how excited am I for This? Opening week-end that’s how much…). I really liked the comments he made tonight, they were helpful for once.

Note: I still don’t like On The Lot‘s host Adrianna Costa….

Moving on, here are my thoughts on the films presented and who my favorite directors are:

Adam Stein

Dough: The Musical by Adam SteinA musical comedy that takes place at the local bakery.
Definitely the most original tonight! Plus I am a sucker for musicals, so this one’s a winner for me. The songs were funny (how did he come up with the songs so fast?) and the shots went perfectly well with the style of the short.
Watch Dough: The Musical.


Hilary Weisman Graham

The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins by Hilary Weisman GrahamA couple visits the man’s parents for the first time.
Not feeling that one too much. There wasn’t really an ending to the short. Last week’s film was ok too, but not amazing. I am worried about her this week.
Watch The First Time I Met The Finkelsteins.


Sam Friedlander

Broken Pipe Dreams by Sam FriedlanderA guy loses his engagement ring in the toilet and needs to get it back, despite a scarring experience.
I still love Sam Friedlander and really think he will be sticking around. His short was really funny and I just love his style of directing. Go Sam.
Watch Broken Pipe Dreams.


Shalini Kantayya

Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey by Shalini KantayyaA documentary of an unorthodox stand-up comedian.
Much better than last week. I loved the visuals and it was pretty original.
Watch Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey.


Trever James

Teri by Trever JamesBen is waiting for a date and starts imagining what she will look like.
Nice job Trever James. His short proved to be really entertaining and better than his last week’s. Could have been better but I’d like for him to stick around some more.
Watch Teri.


My favorite contestant tonight was:
Adam Stein

The contestant I would send home tonight is:
Hilary Weisman Graham

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am confused about how the elimination will go down. Are we going to wait until next week? It looks like it. That’s just really stupid. Plus why are we only watching five films? Why not make it two hours and let us watch all the films and then have a 30 minutes result show the next day? I am so confused!
Anyway, we’ll have to tune in next Tuesday to find out what the deal is.