Daemon’s TV recommends “Heard On TV” Website

Heard On TV

In my continuous exploration of the World Wide Web, I came across a pretty interesting website called Heard On TV (heardontv.com). The website is a user generated website about music we heard on tv, or more specifically music in your favorite TV shows. Now how cool is that?!

Have you ever watched one of your favorite TV show and suddenly you hear a song that you absolutely need to have? Well it happens to me all the time. Unfortunately, finding out what the song is, well that’s another story. It used to take me hours sometimes browsing the internet to find the title of the song. (I sometimes found the information in the trivia of the specific episode on tv.com, but that’s no guarantee.)

What Heard On TV does is compile a database of every TV show out there and have a list of every songs played on each episode of every season.
What I like about it is that everybody can contribute to this growing database and it’s pretty easy to navigate. Adding a song is pretty easy to do and you can even add sound clips of the song you are looking for in the episode and other users can help identifying the song. Now that’s cool!

While I think this is a great site, there is still plenty to be added on Heard On TV to make it the best TV music resource possible. A lot of the shows are missing and unfortunately there is no way for the users to add a new show, even if they know the title and artist of a song featured in a certain episode.

The “browse by artists” section is not easy to navigate at all. Artists are put in random order, not very effective. But if users keep contributing to the site, soon enough you will only need to look in one place to find the song that was playing when Veronica Mars and Logan kissed for the first time (you know I had to mention it 😉 ) – and that is Heardontv.com.