HIDDEN PALMS – Thoughts on the Pilot

Hidden Palms

So I finally watched the first episode of HIDDEN PALMS and even though it’s no Dawson’s Creek, Hidden Palms had some good things about it.
Don’t get me wrong, it is not good enough to become one of my favorite shows, but if the CW keeps it on the air, I’ll tune in.

Hidden Palms brings us the typical beautiful rich people with problems (yawn… you know u love it though…). The beginning of the episode was ok, I can tell Kevin Williamson tried to bring what made Dawson’s Creek a success: teenagers that speak like they’re 30. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me this time. Seriously, the scene between Johnny and Greta as they analyze each other as if they have PHDs in Psychology, that was just too much for me.

That said the show redeemed itself for me closer to the end, as we get a hint of the secret that Palm Springs is hiding (hence the name Hidden Palms, right?!): What really happened to Eddie (the guy who lived in Johnny’s house)?

Then came the last scene where Greta goes to see Cliff and tells him she hates him, only to fall in his arms. Classic! To top it all off, all of this on the beautiful Damien Rice’s song “Blower’s Daughter”. This stuff always gets me…

Hidden Palms
Hidden Palms

All and all, Hidden Palms might not be the next best thing, but it’s good enough to be on my Summer TV shows list.

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