HIDDEN PALMS – Starts tonight

Hidden Palms

After talking about HIDDEN PALMS for the last few days, it finally starts tonight on the CW at 8pm.

We all know that I will be tuning in. Even though the pilot was online on yahoo TV, I haven’t had the chance to take a look at it. Plus I want to watch the show in HD and not on my computer.

I can’t wait to see what Kevin Williamson (that would be Dawson’s Creek‘s Creator) has in store for us with his new show. I know it probably won’t be as good as Dawson’s Creek was, but who knows, it might surprise me.

Stay tuned for my review of Hidden Palms.

For those of you who have already seen episode one of Hidden Palms, Yahoo TV just made episode two available. Unfortunately the pilot is offline. Watch episode two of Hidden Palms for free.