You want dirt on HIDDEN PALMS? You got it…

Daemon's TV Dirt

So I talked to my friend who worked on HIDDEN PALMS to see if he had any dirt to give me. Turns out he did.

Exclusively for you guys, here is some dirt on the new CW show HIDDEN PALMS starting on May 30th at 8pm:

Apparently, Dawn Ostroff, the head of the CW, thought the lead actress Amber Heard (on the picture below) of Hidden Palms looked fat in the pilot and had certain shots removed and some even squeezed. (WHAT?!! She looks gorgeous to me.)
Amber Heard was forced to loose weight before the series started. While she is very very skinny in the other episodes of Hidden Palms, her performance suffers because they made her so unsure of herself.

All I can say is wow! What are you guys’ reactions and thoughts about this?

Hidden Palms