ON THE LOT – Who we liked and who we didn’t like…

Only 18 contestants are left on ON THE LOT. Those 18 contestants were sent home to write, shoot, and edit a 1 minute short comedy film. Last night their films were screened. After that, the audience was asked to vote for their favorite director (American Idol style). I have to say that I am not really sure this is the best idea for On The Lot, I thought that the “judges” (well really the producers) were going to choose the next director (America’s Next Top Model style), but oh well, I guess it makes things more exciting that way.

Moving on, here are my thoughts on the films presented and who my favorite directors are:

Adam Stein

Dance Man by Adam SteinA man who can only express himself through dance.
I loved this one. It was original endearing, funny. How hilarious were those dance moves? Plus I love Mark Feuerstein. Adam Stein is one of my favorites. I hope he sticks around for a while.
Watch Dance Man.


Andrew Hunt

Spaced Out by Andrew HuntA cop pulls over an interesting drunk driver.
I enjoyed that one too. The aliens were just hilarious. It was short and effective. It didn’t need much effects to be good. Andrew Hunt is also one of my favorites. Look out for him.
Watch Spaced Out.


Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin

Deliver Me by Carolina Zorrilla de San MartinA modern day delivery.
The short is well done, the images are very nice, the editing is good, but I don’t know how crazy I am about it. It feels more like a commercial to me than a film. I wasn’t really laughing either. I’ll just give it a pass for now and wait to see what she comes up with next.
Watch Deliver Me.


Claudia La Bianca

Blind Date by Claudia La BiancaAbout a Blind Date (duh!).
Didn’t get that at all. The acting was weird and the editing in some parts was confusing (when she picks the olive and co. in the glass, it just wasn’t clear that Claudia was trying to show time passing by). Not funny either. Thumbs down on that one.
Watch Blind Date.


David May

File Size by David MayA day at the office.
It was okay. Some of the acting from the supporting actors seemed weak to me. Other than that, it was a nice short. Kind of funny. I’ll give David May another chance to convince me.
Watch File Size.


Hilary Weisman Graham

Bus #1 by Hilary Weisman GrahamA woman riding a bus needs to pee really bad.
It started out good, but the ending could have been better. Instead of ending with the pee smelling bad, I think she should have gone with something even funnier. The ending seemed like a let down for me. Other than that, I like Hilary Weisman Graham and would like to see more of her in the competition
Watch Bus #1.


Jason Epperson

Ghetta Rhoom by Jason EppersonA nerd trying to be cool.
So apparently the main character is supposed to be a nerd, but I thought, like the judges, that he was mentally challenged. Other than that the ending was pretty funny. I’ll wait for more to make my opinion on Jason Epperson.
Watch Ghetta Rhoom.


Jess Brillhart

To Screw In A Lightbulb by Jess BrillhartAbout a man afraid to screw in a lightbulb.
I didn’t get it right away (maybe it’s too abstract for my little brain), but the ending was funny and original. Nicely shot too. I am interested to see what else Jess Brillhart is going to come up with.
Watch To Screw In A Lightbulb.


Kenny Luby

Wack Alley Cab by Kenny Luby – WTF was that? Didn’t get it at all. I can’t even tell you what the story is supposed to be. Kenny Luby always says how talented he is and that he didn’t even go to film school, but seriously, maybe he should have gone. He needs to go home.
Watch Wack Alley Cab.


Marty Martin

The Big Bad Heist by Marty MartinTrailer for a movie.
Now I know it was supposed to be a short with a beginning, middle, and an end, but this trailer is AWESOME. I actually want to see the movie now. It made me laugh and the shots are just really good. Very professional. I love this guy, he took a risk, but I think it turned out really good. Can’t wait to see more. Do I even need to say that Marty Martin is one of my favorites?
Watch The Big Bad Heist.


Mateen Kemet

Soft by Mateen KemetA guy trying to show his “boys” he ain’t soft.
I expected a lot from Mateen Kemet, but that was just bad. It looked like amateur work. The story was weak, the editing was pretty bad (it actually felt more like a rough cut rather than a finished product) and even the sound was not mixed well. That’s what I would call a disaster. I am afraid Mateen Kemet might be going home tonight.
Watch Soft.


Phil Hawkins

Please Hold by Phil HawkinsA woman gets burgled and calls 911.
Pretty funny. I love the shots and the editing. Story wasn’t too original, but hey, this is not an originality contest. I think Phil Hawkins has a nice vision and I’d like to see more of his work.
Watch Please Hold.


Sam Friedlander

Replication Theory by Sam FriedlanderWant to prove you didn’t fart? Replicate.
I LOVE this one. So funny. Great voice over. I love the shots and the original storyline. The twist: Priceless! You guessed it, Sam Friedlander is one of my favorites.
Watch Replication Theory.


Shalini Kantayya

Love In The Year 2007 by Shalini KantayyaDating in 2007.
Not great. I felt it lacked a proper ending and I didn’t find it that funny. In the first scene, it seemed that the two characters weren’t even speaking to each other. I’m not sure about Shalini Kantayya yet.
Watch Love In The Year 2007.


Shira-Lee Shalit

Check Out by Shira-Lee Shalit“Make out session” at the airport…
Pretty awesome short. The best among the female directors so far. I love the story, the shots, and acting. I definitely want to see more of Shira-Lee Shalit.
Watch Check Out.


Trever James

A Golf Story by Trever JamesA Mini golf tournament.
I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was well shot, well edited. The whole thing flowed very nicely together. The acting was really nice. Trever James is ok in my book.
Watch A Golf Story.


Will Bigham

Lucky Penny by Will BighamA guy finds a lucky penny, or so he thinks.
I don’t know why, but I have liked Will Bigham from the beginning of the show. I just have a good feeling about him. After seeing his short, his talent has been confirmed. I found his short, well shot and edited. He actually showed a softer side in his film than the other filmmakers, and I have a feeling that this man could make a killer drama film. Cannot wait to see more.
Watch Lucky Penny.


Zach Lipovsky

Danger Zone by Zach LipovskyA series of accidents in the Danger Zone.
Zach my man! I love this guy. Definitely one my top favorites. He is so talented, plus he has the Visual Effects background that gives him an edge. He uses it with such originality and talent, but he doesn’t rely on it. It only enhances his brilliant work. His short was funny, AND he shot the whole thing in one single shot. I rest my case.
Watch Danger Zone.



My favorites right now are:

Adam Stein
Andrew Hunt
Marty Martin
Sam Friedlander
Will Bigham
Zach Lipovsky

The three people I would send home tonight are:

Claudia La Bianca
Kenny Luby
Mateen Kemet

Tune in tonight on FOX at 8pm and watch On The Lot‘s results to find out if I was right.