ON THE LOT – 3 directors sent home

Just finished watching ON THE LOT Result show.

3 directors down, 15 to go.

Here are the three directors that were sent home tonight on On The Lot:

Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin

Deliver Me by Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin – Even though I wasn’t too excited about her film, she wasn’t in my bottom three. But I am not sad that she got eliminated either. I feel neutral about her getting eliminated.
Watch Deliver Me.


Claudia La Bianca

Blind Date by Claudia La Bianca – She was in my bottom three, so no surprises there. It was time for her to go. I won’t miss her.
Watch Blind Date.


Phil Hawkins

Please Hold by Phil Hawkins – I am surprised that Phil Hawkins got eliminated. I actually thought he was talented. Maybe his short wasn’t the best showcase for his abilities, but I really thought he deserved another week at least.
Watch Please Hold.


Only one out of my bottom three got eliminated, and that would be Claudia La Bianca. I guess it’s ok that Mateen Kemet got to stay another week, but I cannot get around to how Kenny Luby managed to get voted through to the next round. His film was the worse of the bunch, I absolutely did not get it. Hopefully he won’t be around too long.

As far as On The Lot goes, I have to say that Adrianna Costa really bugs me. I have a hard time watching her present On The Lot (I mean let’s face it, she is no Ryan Seacrest). Tonight’s result show was even more painful to watch than last night’s show. I almost forwarded through the whole results show and only watched the elimination parts.
Is it just me or do you guys feel the same way about Adrianna Costa? Maybe I have been spoiled by Ryan Seacrest…