LOST and AMERICAN IDOL – What to choose?

Tonight is a big night, AMERICAN IDOL finally crowns the next American Idol. Starting at 8pm until 10pm on FOX. I most definitely will tune in to that.

At this point I don’t really care who wins, but I feel the original song that the winner will have to sing fits Jordin way better, so in a way I hope she wins so that Blake can go out and do his own thing. No matter, they’ll both do well.

LOST, but wait it starts at 9pm on ABC (what?!). Yes, right in the middle of American Idol. That’s why DVRs exist. If all goes according to plan, after the American Idol finale, I will get right into Lost‘s finale. And even though Heroes‘ finale was a disappointment, I am expecting a much more exciting cliffhanger for Lost, which will make me wish it was January already… OMG I just realized that Lost will not be back until JANUARY, ok that’s just wrong, how can they do this? By that time I won’t even remember what happened in tonight’s finale. Can you tell I’m already freaking out?…

Here is the promo for tonight’s Lost finale