It’s not TV, it’s VERONICA MARS!

Veronica Mars

I cannot believe it’s over, VERONICA MARS is over, for good.

Don’t you just love Logan! Veronica and him are just meant to be together. Did Piz fight for Veronica, twice? I think not.

First hour, “Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down” :

  • Definitely not as exciting as the second hour.
  • Weevil was back, finally. How many episodes had it been since we last saw him?
  • Piz and Veronica moment – sort of cute but I’m sure I would like it better if I didn’t love LoVe so much.
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    Second hour, “The Bitch Is Back”:

  • Logan and Piz’s fight – Priceless.
  • When Logan goes to see Veronica after the fight and he’s all beat up – It’s just such a noteworthy moment. You can tell how much Logan still cares about Veronica. Jason Dorhing is such a good actor by the way.
  • Parker and Logan break up – Finally, this was a long time coming. I don’t think Logan ever really loved Parker, he just tried to move on, but you can’t move on from Veronica Mars.
  • Dick, eating a sandwich as he opens the door – “What’s up V?” I just love this character. He doesn’t need to say much to be great.
  • Veronica’s fatal words to Logan – “You’re out of my life, forever.” Say it isn’t so!
  • Veronica Mars saves the day again – No comments.
  • Jake Kane and Clarence Wiedman are back – Maybe they wanted to involve them more in the fourth season of Veronica Mars. We will never know.
  • Logan fights for Veronica, again – I just love Logan. How many times can I say this?
  • Cliffhanger: Will Keith win the election? – Again, we will never know. Why are you doing this to us CW?
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    Veronica Mars is over, and left us with so much unresolved. I want more. I feel so powerless. When is Season 3 of Veronica Mars coming out on DVD? At least I still have the first two seasons to keep me company.

    Veronica Mars, was one of the most original, well acted, smart, appealing shows that I have watched in a long time, and it will be missed. How are you guys feeling about the series ending of Veronica Mars?

    One last LoVe picture. :((

    LoVe - Veronica and Logan - Veronica Mars

    I still can’t believe we’re not going to get the Logan and Veronica reconciliation. I’m gonna go and cry now…