ACROSS THE UNIVERSE – Trailer with Evan Rachel Wood

Here is another From TV to Movie post. This time we look at the trailer from “Across The Universe”, a movie about a fictional love story set during the ’60s. The original aspect of “Across The Universe” is that it is told through The Beatles’ songs performed by the characters. I love musicals and The Beatles, so this is a prefect match for me.

You might ask, why should we care, this is a TV blog. Well, for the TV reference, Evan Rachel Wood, whose biggest TV success was the great series Once and Again in which she played Jessie Sammler, is the one of the stars of the movie. I still remember her from Once and Again when she was young and innocent. She really grew up quite nicely and is such a good actress.

Check out the trailer for “Across the Universe”.

Across The Universe‘ official website. Will you go watch it? I know I will.