ON THE LOT – It starts tonight…

ON THE LOT starts tonight. The show brought to us by none other than Stephen Spielberg. I have to say that I have been exciting about this show for a while now. I mean, you just know there will be some “interesting” people on it.

Actually funny story, one of my friends was offered to audition for it, but unfortunately he turned it down (smart for him, bad for me. 🙁 I would have made so much fun of him. Actually, he would have been entertaining, maybe next year :d )

After watching the first episode of On The Lot, I can say that I will be tuning in for more. Not only is it entertaining, but I think you can learn a lot from it. It shows you what not to do when you are doing a presentation (in the episode’s case, a pitch), and what works and what doesn’t.

I cannot wait to see more of what these people can do. Right now it’s too early for me to have any favorites (there are too many of them and I can’t remember all the names), but as the group gets smaller, I’m sure there will be some talented people, and of course some not so talented. Which makes it all the more fun!

I say if you want to be entertained, On The Lot is a new show to check out for the summer.