HEROES “How To Stop An Exploding Man” – A Let Down?

Heroes -

So I just finished watching the very anticipated (at least by me) HEROES‘ finale, “How To Stop An Exploding Man”. And I have to say that I was expecting a Lost type of “finale” (like the one we had when they took their 8-weeks break), but what we got was nowhere as exciting.

(Note: I just would like to warn you guys that if you keep reading this, there will be SPOILERS. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that first and then come back to read the rest of the post :d )

Actually if you think about it, if they didn’t include the first 3 minutes of what will be Volume Two: Generation (or the Second season of Heroes), it really could have been a series finale. I mean what is the cliffhanger? Nathan takes Peter up in the air so he can explode away from everything, and everybody is safe (except Nathan, Peter can regenerate, right?). What type of a season finale is that? Heroes got us used to more, I mean even some of their regular episodes have more exciting endings than this.

That said, there were some good moments during the episode. Here is a review of what I liked and didn’t like:

    Peter – Well, Peter is my favorite character in Heroes so he can do no wrong in my eyes. Well, that’s not really true, but I am probably biased in my evaluation of him.
    Peter was his good old self, except that I think he did start believing in himself more. Will this lead the way to a stronger Peter in Volume Two: Generation? (Because we all know he is not really dead).
    I do have to complain about one thing, why did Peter need Nathan to fly? Doesn’t he have that power? And also the power to time travel (he was in contact with Hiro more than once)? Couldn’t he have used them to explode away from everything and not kill his brother in the process? The only answer I can find to this is that the “radio active” power was too overwhelming for him to access any of his other powers at the time, but I feel that’s a cop-out.
    Claire – Not much to say except, I just do not understand why she wouldn’t shoot Peter. I mean it’s not like he was going to die or anything. That’s just what I call “lazy” writing.
    Nathan – I think Nathan is the only ambiguous character in Heroes. He is not all bad, but he is not all good either. He didn’t let Peter down. But again, I just don’t understand why Nathan couldn’t just shoot Peter instead of sacrificing himself to save New York. Well, I do know, it just makes for a better story, but again, I call “lazy writing”!
    Hiro – I was not happy at all with what Hiro had to do in this episode. I mean we are talking about one of the most (if not the most) liked characters in Heroes, and all they can find for him to do is suddenly appear, stab Sylar with his sword and disappear after exchanging a few words with Peter. I mean what was all the sword training for? Where was the fight? This could have been so much better.
    Finally, the last few minutes (or first few minutes of Volume Two: Generation) were anti-climactic. I mean sure I wonder where he is, and who those people are, and why one of the soldiers has the Heroes‘ sign, but they needed to give me more for me to be really excited to watch Season Two of Heroes.
    Sylar – His death (is he really dead?) came too quickly and too easily in my opinion. Why didn’t he stop Hiro? It seems like he can stop everybody else with his mind, so what happened? Again, where was the big fight? They set up Sylar as one of the most powerful characters only to have him killed by Hiro in a split of a second. Does anyone remember the trip we took to the future and the showdown between Peter and Sylar? Now that’s what I call a fight. Why couldn’t the finale be like that?

As a reminder, check out this video of the fight between Peter and Sylar in the Heroes‘ episode “Five Years Gone”. That’s how the finale should have been.

    Molly – She is a new hero added to the show and from the looks of it I feel she’ll probably be going to live with Niki and D.L., or at least have contact with them. How cute were Molly and Micah together.
    They did set up a mystery for Season two when Molly said (talking about someone worse than the Bogeyman): “…Because when I think about him he can see me.” See, that makes me excited for Volume Two: Generation. Who is that powerful “hero”? We all thought Sylar was pretty bad, but if that guy’s worse, then I can’t wait to find out who he is.
    Charles – Simone’s father was back for a very special moment with Peter. I just loved when Charles told “future” Peter that he could see him: “I know you’re there Peter”. I actually liked this moment a lot. It was a nice break scene which gave Peter the confidence he needed to fight Sylar (I know it’s cliche, but I’m a sucker for those things)>. Peter had always been overshadowed by his brother, but turns out he is the one who is powerful enough to save the world.
    Niki – Finally, Niki is back, and from what I understand, it’s for good. Goodbye Jessica. The good thing is that Niki got all of Jessica’s powers. Can we expect some cool fighting scenes with Niki next season?
    Mohinder – I guess I sort of like Mohinder and I do understand his part in all of this. I just wished he had a power. What if he discovered his power in Season Two? It could be something very minimal but very cool (I don’t know what, but that’s why I’m not a writer on the show 😉 )

All and all, I still love Heroes, it is still one of my favorite shows on TV, but I did expect more from it for Heroes‘ season finale. All I can hope for is that Volume Two: Generation will be as bada** as Volume One was.

Finally, I included a video from the last few minutes of Heroes‘ season finale “How To Stop An Exploding Man” or the first few minutes of Volume Two: Generation.