So I was watching HBO the other day, minding my own business, when I saw a preview for HBO’s new show JOHN FROM CINCINNATI. Needless to say I was very intrigued by the show, and since HBO never shows you much in its preview (except a surfer levitating, hence my curiosity about the show), I decided to dig up a little bit about the show.

Here is what I came up with:

John from Cincinnati is a family drama set in the surfing community of Imperial Beach, California. Where the Yost, a dysfunctional family, live. The dad is a former surf champ, the mom is an unhappy wife and their son is a drug addict. (Note:They have everything you need to make a great drama). Then, two people enter their lives: John (from Cincinnati, obviously), who mysteriously shows up looking for surfing lessons (so, that was probably the clip I saw with the levitating and everything), and a man who wants revenge against the Yost (who apparently have done him wrong in the past).

John from Cincinnati is brought to us by Deadwood’s creator David Milch.

I have to say, I haven’t seen much about the show, but it sounds like a recipe for success, plus HBO usually has some of the best shows quality wise.
I am just surprised that HBO hasn’t advertised more of John from Cincinnati. I do see a lot of posters everywhere on the streets, though, which is another reason I was intrigued by it.

Anyway, for those of you who want to tune to watch John from Cincinnati, it is set to premiere at 10PM following The Sopranos series finale on Sunday, June 10th, on HBO of course. (Talk about a great time slot!).