ELI STONE – Clip from ABC’s new show

Here is a preview for one of my most anticipated new show for Fall 2007: ELI STONE.

Plot reminder: Eli Stone is a lawyer who represents powerful clients. The thing is, Eli Stone could be a prophet. After experiencing a few hallucinations, Eli Stone tries to find the deeper meaning of life. However, when Eli discovers an aneurysm in his brain, he wonders if he is just sick or if he really is meant for more.
Eli Stone stars Jonny Lee Miller (from the canceled show Smith).

To be honest, when I first read the plot of Eli Stone, I really had my doubts… That was until I saw a clip from Eli Stone. Just the fact that Jonny Lee Miller is in the show is a plus, but Eli Stone actually looks really good. The clip below is hilarious, I mean using George Michael’s song “Faith” as a sign, well that’s just genius.
Just look at the clip and let me know what you think. I personally will be tuning in to Eli Stone to find out if he really is a prophet.