ABC will stream HD shows online!

This is so cool!

ABC has announced that starting this summer, it will be putting some of its shows online in HD at a 1280×720 resolution. ABC is a pioneer in the matter.

The summer launch of the HD channel around July will be a test for a better lineup set to be released in September.
Some of the shows that will be featured on ABC online during the summer in HD are Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and Ugly Betty (all the shows I watch on ABC pretty much).

I say bravo ABC! Even though I rarely watch ABC shows online (or any other channel’s shows for that matter) because I record them, it’s nice to know that if I miss one I would be able to catch it again online and on HD.

The only question I have is how long will it take to load such a big file? From my previous experiences on, videos are not really that smooth, and I did have some problems finishing watching certain videos. I only hope ABC has found solutions to all of this, and that I will be able to watch some of the HD shows on my computer 🙂