UGLY BETTY’s Season Finale

Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty is a show known for its lightheartedness, but its season finale was one of the most depressing episodes of the season. Talk about a finale that makes you want to tune in to the second season. I already thought Ugly Betty was an amazing show that blended humor and drama perfectly, but after watching the season finale, I have found a whole new respect for Ugly Betty‘s writers.

Let me review all the cliffhangers that the season finale of Ugly Betty left of unanswered:

  • Is Bradford really going to marry Wilhelmina? Or will he find out what a manipulative person she is?
    1. I have to say, Wilhelmina is one of the most complex characters of Ugly Betty. They make her unlikable to a point, but you gotta admire her. She knows what she wants and she will do anything she needs to in order to get it (e.g. Having Marc beat her up to make it look like Claire did it, brilliant!).
  • What is Claire going to do, now that she escaped?
    1. She obviously can’t go back to Bradford or she’ll get captured again. But then again, knowing what Claire is capable of, maybe she just escaped in order to stop Wilhelmina.
  • What will happen to Ignacio? Will he be allowed back into the US?
    1. This is probably one of the most anti-climactic storyline, but I have to say that I really enjoy Ignacio as a character, so I hope they won’t be keeping him away too long.
  • Was Fey Sommers really Amanda’s mom?
    1. I am not really sure how exactly that would affect the story since Fey is already dead. Maybe they are trying to create drama by having Amanda hunt down Claire? I’m not really sure this storyline was necessary. Plus, I don’t think they even set up the fact that Amanda doesn’t know who her biological mother is.

  • Is Charlie pregnant with Dr. Fargas’ baby?
  • Ugly Betty
      That one I care about. I am so tired of having storylines that never deliver the “sexual tensions” they set up. It seems that there is always something in the way of the “lover’s” happiness. First, Betty had a boyfriend, then Henry had a girlfriend, and now Henry’s girlfriend, Charlie, is pregnant. Come on give us a break! Let us have some happy Betty and Henry moment before breaking them up again.
      But wait, there is still hope. I am so grateful that the writers did set up a possible happy ending for Betty and Henry with having Charlie’s baby be another man’s.
      Speaking of which, why is Charlie so attached to Henry? I mean we did learn that she was having an affair while dating him…
  • Will Alexis and Daniel survive their car crash?
    1. OMG, was that a crazy ending or a crazy ending?! Of course we know they will survive, but I really wasn’t expecting this! Going back to the depressing part of the episode, the montage at the end of Ugly Betty’s episode where we see both Daniel and Alexis unconscious in the car (as well as all the other cliffhangers of the season) was such an effective image. It really got to me, and all I could say was “Wow, that is an amazing ending. I hate them for it, but it’s an amazing ending.”
  • Santo’s murder!
  • Ugly Betty
      I had to keep this one for the end, because it is the storyline that affected me the most. I mean, talk about keeping couples apart. Hilda had finally found her true love, but it was cruelly taken from her. The scene where Betty comes to Justin’s school’s play to tell Hilda what happened was so powerful. I literally had tears in my eyes (What?! But this is Ugly Betty, it’s not supposed to make you sad. Well congratulations Ugly Betty for one of the most touching episodes of the season). I really didn’t see that one coming.
      Also, I would like to say: “Nooooooo”, not Santos! He was becoming my favorite character, not to talk about the actor portraying him, Kevin Alejandro. After the cancellation of Drive, I really thought they would make him a regular on Ugly Betty. I really think this is a very big loss for Ugly Betty, and I hope that they put this great actor in another show soon.

    Finally, I would like to give credit to the people who came up with the final montage of Ugly Betty‘s finale with Justin’s performance of West Side Story as the music. That just made Ugly Betty‘s season finale one of the best this year and just guaranteed my return to the show.

    Again, bravo to the writers of Ugly Betty, this season finale was AMAZING.