The CW announces its new schedule

The last day is finally here. Here is the CW’s new schedule (new shows in red):

8 p.m – Everybody Hates Chris
8:30 p.m – Aliens in America
9 p.m – Girlfriends
9:30 p.m – The Game

8 p.m – Beauty and the Geek
9 p.m – Reaper


8 p.m – America’s Next Top Model
9 p.m – Gossip Girl


8 p.m – Smallville
9 p.m – Supernatural

8 p.m – Friday Night Smackdown!

7 p.m – Online Nation
8 p.m – CW Now
9 p.m – Life is Wild
10 p.m – America’s Next Top Model (Encore)

As for One Tree Hill, don’t worry it has been renewed and is set to come back in midseason. In addition, The Pussycat Dolls Present, and two new reality shows Farmer Wants a Wife (a dating show), and Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants (about a mother-daughter beauty contest), are also set for midseason.

Let’s discuss this new schedule.


    Everybody Hates Chris – I am actually happy about this one. It’s such an original and funny show. I am happy that it will be around for a little longer.
    Girlfriends, The Game – Don’t watch either of those. I tried but never really go into it.
    Beauty and the Geek – I watched the first season of this show. It was pretty fun, but there are too many other shows to watch when it airs, so I will sit this one out.
    America’s Next Top Model – I am a new fan of this show, I watch season 7 as reruns on VH1 and was hooked. Of course I watch this last season, and am excited it will be coming back for another season.
    Supernatural – I really have to rent this one on DVD. I actually had started to watch the first season, but never finished. But man, the previews always look cool. Ok, this is another show that I will had to my Summer Homework!
    Smallville – Last but not least, Smallville is getting the renewal it deserves. Some of you may know that I just recently got into Smallville and rented the full five seasons and caught up with the sixth. And all I can say is “Damn this show is good!”


    7th Heaven – All I can say is, FINALLY!!! I never liked the show and have been hating it even more after it took Everwood‘s spot last fall.
    All of Us – Never watched the show. I don’t even know what it was about. Sorry!
    Gilmore Girls – We all knew that was coming so no surprises there. After watching the series finale, I actually feel like watching the whole series again from the beginning. Wow, this summer is going to bee busy!


Here is what new shows the CW is offering us:

    Aliens in America – a comedy about a teen Pakistani Muslim foreign exchange student living with an American family
    Reaper – a dramedy about the devil’s bounty hunter. Now I wanna see that!!!!
    Gossip Girl – a teen drama about Manhattan rich kids and the girl who keeps tabs on them. From The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. The best thing about this show is that it will be narrated by none other than Veronica Mars‘ very own Kristen Bell. I don’t really care what the show is about, I’m just gonna tune in because of Kristen Bell at this point.
    Online Nation – This show will be user-generated video-themed and center on the funniest online/viral videos.
    CW Now – Entertainment/news show about celebrities and pop culture.
    Life is Wild – a drama about a a veterinarian who moves his family to South Africa.

It seems that the CW is adding more and more reality shows. I personally am not a big fan of reality TV, but they are fun to watch when you just want to relax. That said I like my series better. Oh well, at leas the CW brought some good shows back and seems to have some good new one on the way. Gossip Girl and Reaper are at the top of my list for now.