Shows CBS did renew

In my resentment of CBS for the cancellation of Jericho and The Class, I thought I would bring you some good news with a list of the shows CBS did renew for a new season.

    How I Met Your Mother
    The Unit
    Ghost Whisperer
    CSI: Miami
    CSI: NY
    Rules of Engagement
    The Adventures of Old Christine
    Criminal Minds

Looking at this list, apart from How I Met Your Mother (which is brilliant!), the only show I do watch is Ghost Whisperer and it is definitely not one of my favorites. Actually, I like Jericho way better. Can we switch? (Cancel Ghost Whisperer and give me Jericho back :mrgreen: )

As far as the other shows go, I stopped watching the CSI‘s and Criminal Minds, too depressing for me, but I have to say that they are good shows. I also know people that enjoy Numb3rs and NCIS, so I am sure they will be glad to know these shows will be back.

Anyway, stay tuned to find out what new shows CBS has in store for us tomorrow.